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Offer #9

May 2016

Although Rueda is a tiny area it offers stupendously original white wine called Traslagares, made from the Verdejo grape ever since Moors arrived there in the Middle Ages. Like the people who brought the grape, there is an exotic flavour to the wine: notes of pears and herbs, particularly a hint of fennel, and a dry, savoury finish. Wines from Rueda are the talk of Madrid, so why not join in and be the talk of the UK by being among the first to try it.

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Offer #8

March 2016

The driving force behind Vega Sauco is Wenceslao Gil Durantez, larger-than-life former professional footballer and cheerleader for the wines of Toro. He is well-known and well-regarded in Spain, and many other producers make use of his wine-making skills.

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Offer #7

December 2015

Enjoy all your favourite wines and some good Cheer from Good Wine Hunter with this great 15% seasonal discount until 31st December 2015.

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Offer #6

October 2015

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I found the Riesling I was looking for Jean-Marc Simonis and his family deliver exactly the style of Alsace Riesling I hoped I would find: crisply dry, a modern refreshing crispness, underpinned with honeyed, aromatic layers of complex flavor that make you stop in your tracks and think: mmm this is different. It really is different, it is a great answer to that difficult question of what wine to serve with Asian food, and, as it happens, it is an absolute steal.

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Offer #5

September 2015

Most Portuguese wine producers make a range of red wines, from their entry-level, through their Reserva up to their Gran Reserva. Usually the wines get richer as you go up the scale. This approach was adopted at Lagar de Darei, but visitors and guests soon noticed that there was another, unlabelled red wine stored at one side of the winery, which they were sometimes offered to drink on site - it was known as “Dad's own blend".

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Offer #4

July 2015

This time, we are offering two wines at the same time; you can buy one or the other or a mixed box – it's up to you. The first wine on offer will be a Sauvignon Blanc from Menetou-Salon in France, priced at £66 for a box of 6 bottles, plus delivery.

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Offer #3

June 2015

A Taste of Burgundy – 6 different wines from Burgundy, giving an insight into the range of styles possible from two of the world's greatest grapes: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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Offer #2

May 2015

Rias Baixas is a beautifully green region (thanks to the high rainfall) of rocky coast and creeks reaching far inland, green hills covered in eucalyptus, and, in between, dozens of tiny vineyards, all growing one grape, Albarino, most often trained high above the ground, supported on granite pillars in the pergola system.

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Offer #1

April 2015

Pecharmant (“Charming Hill" in old French) is a tiny area just north-east of the town of Bergerac, with a total of 400Ha under vine, with a unique combination of elevation above the plains of the river Dordogne, aspect to the south-west, and soil, including gravels and red clay.

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