Traslagares Verdejo, Rueda


Verdejo, Rueda, Spain Region

Head north out of Madrid for about 100 miles and, after crossing mountains onto the plain of Castile e Leon, you will suddenly happen upon the region of Rueda, surrounding the eponymous town.

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Although Rueda is a tiny area it offers stupendously original white wine called Traslagares, made from the Verdejo grape ever since Moors arrived there in the Middle Ages. Like the people who brought the grape, there is an exotic flavour to the wine: notes of pears and herbs, particularly a hint of fennel, and a dry, savoury finish. Wines from Rueda are the talk of Madrid, so why not join in and be the talk of the UK by being among the first to try it.

At a glance

  • Wine name: Traslagares Verdejo, Rueda
  • Colour: White
  • Region: Rueda
  • Country: Spain
  • Grape varietals: Verdejo
  • Vinification: Cold-fermented in stainless steel, aged in stainless steel
  • Style: Dry, herby, fruity, savoury with a mineral finish
  • Vineyard name: Traslagares
  • Producer name: Jennifer Aguado at Pago Traslagares
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Offer Price (per 6 bottles): £66.00
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Tasting notes

The colour strikes you first – lemony gold but with definite flashes of an attractive green. On the nose, I have to acknowledge that this wine does not reveal all its treasures. There are definitely more aromatic wines around, and the nose of this wine reminds me more of an unoaked Chardonnay. That is where the similarity with Chardonnay ends.

The first flavours in the mouth are zingy citrus and herby grasses – not unlike a Sauvignon Blanc on first impression. (In fact, Sauvignon Blanc grows very well in Rueda, but I am glad they are concentrating on their own, special, grape.) Quickly into the mouth comes more fruit – pears, I think- and more herbs – I think a touch of aniseedy fennel, but others think I am nuts; then the lovely bite of mineral kicks in, which is always something that gives a white wine character and interest. Finally, the finish in the mouth is savoury.

This is difficult to describe, and the words are not necessarily attractive, but don't be put off! There is a hint of hedgerow, damp leaves in autumn, something like that. Give it a try, see if you can pick it up too, or maybe you can give me a better description. All in all, Verdejo is a rare treasure. It may struggle to find a place in the market, dominated as it is by so-called international varieties, but I think this wine is very much worth your trouble.


After extensive experience as a winegrower, in 2009 the Martínez Gaona family set up the ambitious project of building their own winery, Traslagares, at their property located in the municipality of Rueda, and to resume the wine-making tradition inherited from their grandfathers. Their primary objective is to produce exquisite Verdejo wine made only from the grapes on their vines.

I knew I would find a really different white wine when I went hunting in Rueda – a friend who runs a wine shop in Madrid cannot get enough of it. I discovered top quality wine-making, a charming family dedicated to their cause, a set of flavours unlike any other wine I have tasted, and a price so good I had trouble keeping my “negotiator face” on.
  • Verdejo is Spains fastest growing white wine
  • This is the first time Traslagares Verdejo has been available in the UK - be the first to try it
  • Unique production system which preserves the freshness of every grape

I found this great example of Verdejo when I spotted some beautifully tended vines and a smart new winery. The family that run Traslagares have invested in a system that does everything to preserve the freshness and quality of every grape. The resulting wine will make you smile. Don’t miss out.

We are so pleased to meet Mike and supply our first ever wine into the UK. We are very proud of our Verdejo, and can’t wait to find out what you make of it over in the UK. We think the greenish colour, the backnotes of herbs, especially fennel, and the long, savoury finish all make our wine very special. Jennifer Aguado

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