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Madrid's Finest

Madrid's Finest

“I knew I would find a really different white wine when I went hunting in Rueda – a friend who runs a wine shop in Madrid cannot get enough of it. I discovered top quality wine-making, a charming family dedicated to their cause, a set of flavours unlike any other wine I have tasted, and a price so good I had trouble keeping my “negotiator face” on.” - 4 Months In.. - 4 Months In..

Four months in, and this is the Good Wine Hunter story so far.

April 2015 saw the launch of onto the wine market. Using the power of the WWW and social media I was very excited by the digital innovation we were bringing to the wine market via a series of online ‘flash’ sales direct from the wine producer to the consumer, in just a few clicks!

A spicy find near the ski slopes

A spicy find near the ski slopes

If you drive towards the French Alps, you pass the town of Chambery, and then hang a left to take the motorway towards Albertville. As you turn left, a massive cliff of a mountain looms on your left, towering above the valley. At the foot of the cliff, running in a narrow band up into the valley, lie some of the best vineyards in Savoie. Savoie appellations are pretty complicated, especially the white ones, but they are worth getting to know.

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