About Good Wine Hunter

We visit independent producers throughout Europe tracking down wine of exceptional quality and value.

We strike a deal there and then, offering the wine to members at a great price for a limited period only.

We bring the wine back and deliver direct to our members' door.

Mike Sheldon, the Good Wine Hunter, has spent years of his spare time visiting independent wine producers all over Europe, tasting and buying for himself, family, and friends. He also has recognised wine qualifications to support his wide ranging knowledge of European wines.

In 2014 after farming for over 10 years, he decided it was time to change his obsessive hobby into an independent business. This married his love of good wine, from traditional family producers, with the modern age of digital marketing and e-commerce.

The result - Good Wine Hunter

How we are different

Our value for money comes from:

  • striking great deals for great wines directly with the producer thus avoiding over-priced famous names
  • offering a small number of wines at any one time
  • keeping stocks low
  • offering a one click service direct to members' via their computer or phone - no premises, no catalogues, no direct mail
  • responding directly to members' feedback on what wine they would like next
  • building a genuine community by word of mouth and referral

How referrals work

  • Members are given a code which they can pass on to their friends.
  • When their friend signs up and quotes the code a new account is set up and credited with a £10 welcome voucher against their first purchase.
  • When the new member makes their first purchase, the account of the referrer is then credited with a £10 thank you voucher against their next purchase.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends a member can encourage to sign up. On the other hand, an individual can only sign up once, and there can only be one member per billing address.

How our loyalty scheme works

  • We want to say thank you to members who regularly buy wine from us.
  • When a member has bought wine on six separate occasions, the total value of all those purchases is added up and 5% of that value is credited to the member's account against future purchases.
    • When we do that, we will also remind the member of the wines they have purchased on those six occasions. We feel the story behind the wine is a big part of the pleasure, and old stories can bring just as much pleasure as new ones.